Sunday, August 8, 2010

LiveWire Trailer Release + Fundraiser Art Show

LiveWire production company had a get together on August 6th at Mr. Elegant Gallery to mark the release of three trailers (which I DP'ed) for the world premier of Emily Dendinger's play, "Hideous Progeny."  I showed several photographic works at the get together that I've posted, along with the trailers, below:

Triptych one:

Merry Go Round
dye-based print
14.4" x 13"

The Fifth of July
dye-based print
14.5" x 13"

dye-based print
14.4" x 13"

Triptych two: 
dye-based print
14.3" x 13"

dye-based print
14.7" x 13"

dye-based print
14.4" x 13"

Two images I put up for auction:
dye-based print
16.3" x 13"

dye-based print
19" x 13"

Also, I curated almost all of the art in the rest of the show--including works by Cheri Lee Charlton, Christopher Bell, Jana Kinsman, Jose Casillas, Milan Bobysud, & Ned Gawron.   Here's a quick panorama of the space + turnout:

Friday, July 30, 2010

Ensemblage, a gallery + stage of the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, July 23rd - 25th, 2010

Below are photos + videos of Ensemblage, a gallery I curated and agonized-over for the 2010 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival in Logan Square, Chicago [earlier posts labeled "Ensemblage at MAAF" record some of the process of curating, organizing, and marketing the show and detail all the artists  included].   Ensemblage was up for three days of art, music, dance, theatre, painting, film, spoken word, and generally raucous fun.  Epic win.

The visual art as installed:

Left side:

Right side:

Furious Frank acoustic set with Lady Jack               July 23, 2010


"Silent Negotiations,"  by Susan Kwon, installation video in women's restroom

Installation videos by Milan Bobysud in men's restroom (shared with d-x art potter)

Performance art piece by Jackie Capozolli & friends               July 24, 2010

Unusual musical instrument jam session, sponsored by Pumping Station One and open to public participation           July 24, 2010

Film screenings

Left:  "The Pink Hotel," a film by Chris Hefner
Right:  "Silent Negotiations," a video installation by Susan Kwon

Screening of "Astrolux" + live performance by Evet Socrates               July 24, 2010

video of encore performance  July 25, 2010

Halycon theatre performs "The Americans," by Coya Paz

Live art by Britton Walters, July 25th 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Event Info for the Public

Here is all the event info.  Feel free to print them up as a fliers or just email around.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Final Layout

This is the final version of the layout that I'm going to post.  I don't doubt there will be things that won't exactly fit or need to be worked around. But let's have these works at Nothin' Less for the installation and we can start with this template.

Left wall:

Back Wall:

Right wall:

Back hall, left & back:

Back hall, right: