Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Missing Middle

In the history of the US there are times when our political middle seems to disappear. Where are our Moderates now?  Personally, I think a Missing Middle is to our country's tremendous detrimentespecially when the challenges we face are so large and multifaceted. We need the all wisdom of all our wisest and moderates help us to parse that out.  Below is my design protest for compromise, moderation, and middle ground:

Litmus test for moderation:  Describe how one policy "the other side" holds can work and how you might agree with it.  Repeat.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Portal

A quick note about (and plug for) a project I've been contributing to recently.  It's called The Portal from HERE to THERE, an architectural, spiritual and communal art project headed by my close friend, Amber Nelson. The Portal is a beautiful expression of Amber's love for Fito, her resilience in the face of senseless violence and tragedy, and her innate passion for life & ineluctable need to make it meaningful.  And it's going to Burning Man 2011, we hope.  Keep your fingers crossed that its construction gets grant funding from the Burning Man organization.  To find out more about it, volunteer, or or contribute funding, click the image link below and get in contact with Amber.  (UPDATE: Portal postponed, perhaps BM 2012, perhaps elsewhere)